Customer Stories


You aren’t officially a Texan until you’ve experience Buc-ee’s, right? Today, Art became a real Texan! He enjoyed shopping the massive selection of goodies and expressing special joy while sampling the delicious fudge and jerky options. Welcome to Texas, Art!

One of our first customers at 4th Quarter Realty Group, Art was a large part of the inspiration for the development of our one-of-a-kind real-estate services. Without working with Art and others like him, we would not have known the depth of the need of services like ours. There were and still are absolutely no full-service real-estate support companies like 4th Quarter Realty Group, LLC to help the aging and disabled community.

At 84 years young, Art was living in San Diego, California and retired from decades of being a school counselor. Most of his family, including children, grandchildren and great grandchildren had moved to North Texas. Due to health concerns and mobility challenges, he decided to move to Texas to be closer to those who loved him dearly and could help with his future care.

After making his decision, he looked around his home and property and said to himself, “I don’t know how I can afford such a big move, how the heck will I move all the years of stuff and sell my home, and where would I put all this stuff if I did move to another state? Then he said, “My house is old and will need a lot of work before anyone would want to buy it.” Art was never really a wealthy man, but fortunately, after we sat down and talking through the details, we determined that he had a good amount of equity in his home after paying a mortgage for 30 years. If he could access that equity and downsize his living space and related financial burdens, he would be set for the 4th quarter of his life.

Typical Realtors will identify what you need to do to prepare and sell your home, but that’s usually where it ends until your home is ready to sell. It’s on you or your family to coordinate all of the time consuming and stressful phases of this process. They’re not in the concierge business, and they don’t have a network to support everything that needs to be done.

Our professional, experienced and specialized team will provide you with full attention and coordination of every single aspect of organizing, sorting “keep” items from “junk” items, holding estate sales for your valuable items and furniture, hauling unwanted junk, thoroughly cleaning top to bottom, repairing and listing their home for sale. Whatever is needed, we see that it is covered. We will dedicate ourselves to your project from start to finish and get you the money you deserve to support the 4th quarter of your life.