About Us

As a result of our own experiences with elderly family members ready for transitions to senior care or a move closer to family, my amazing wife Laurie and I discovered a disturbing lack of complete senior support services relating specifically to their aging homes. Accessing their hard-earned home equity to use towards paying for the 4th quarter of their lives was confusing and challenging. Due to these experiences and unfortunate findings, we developed and launched 4th Quarter Senior Transitions and Realty Services to serve our honored senior communities.

Many seniors, as well as their supportive adult children, don’t know how they can afford proper senior care or a major housing change in the 4th quarter of their lives. The senior homeowners may have little savings and live on a fixed income. Their net worth may be completely tied up in home equity that’s been building for decades. Unfortunately, they often have years of “treasures” and “collections,” as well as years of maintenance neglect, so it can be very difficult to sell at top dollar to maximize their home equity payout.

Once a decision to move has been made, there are some limited resources called Senior Move Managers and can be helpful. They can assist with some senior organizing, packing and relocation needs, but generally, they are not Realtors and do not oversee the entire process or finance the project. There are also some other franchises that provide similar services, but are not Realtors either, operate independently under varying rules and prices depending on territories and they won’t finance your projects. You often don’t know what you are paying for until you receive the bills.

Any licensed REALTOR® can sell their home, but most are not designated Seniors Real Estate Specialists, SRES® like 4th Quarter Senior Transition and Realty Services. They are not trained to work with the 50+ community and lack resources that only SRES® designated Realtors have access to. Additionally, they often can’t or won’t help a senior with the time-consuming downsizing process and preparing the home considering the senior’s specific needs and prolonged timelines. We offer all or some of the transition and moving services, manage the entire project from start to finish and defer payment until the client’s home has sold, closed and funded.

As enthusiastic and committed advocates for our elderly community, we specialize in 50+ needs and customize an affordable transition plan for each client. No client plan is the same, as it will designed to meet the senior’s specific needs and financial targets. We will coordinate everything needed to move a senior homeowner effectively and efficiently into safer living environment, whether that be a care facility or closer to supportive family. Our team will be there with our senior clients and their involved family members 100% throughout the transition process.

Yes! You can now afford the 4th quarter of your life!