We’re here for when you’re ready to make major changes in the 4th Quarter of your life,

but you have no idea where to start.

As a result of our own experiences with elderly family members ready for transitions to senior care or a move closer to family, my amazing wife Laurie and I discovered a disturbing lack of complete senior support services relating specifically to their aging homes. Accessing their hard-earned home equity to use towards paying for the 4th quarter of their lives was confusing and challenging. Due to these experiences and unfortunate findings, we developed and launched 4TH Quarter Senior Support and Realty Services.


Senior Homeowners, Disabled Homeowners, And Probate Heirs

SENIOR HOMEOWNERS wanting to move closer to family or care facilities but need professional assistance with organizing, sorting, packing, estate sales, donating, hauling, repairs, deep cleaning, moving, and preparing and selling your home. If you want top dollar for your home, and you want access your years of hard-earned home equity to finance the 4th quarter of your life, we à la carte or complete, end-to-end services.

DISABLED HOMEOWNERS with increasing medical and mobility challenges wanting to cash out your hard-earned home equity to move and finance more accommodating living arrangements.

PROBATE HEIRS often adult children or other family members of a deceased senior, who have completed the legal probate process and have acquired a real property. You find it’s full of years of “treasures” or “collectables”, and needs to be sorted, organized, sold or donated, junked or trashed, hauled, repaired, deep cleaned, prepared and sold for top dollar. You don’t want to deal with most of it and just want to cash out.




There are many great senior moving service companies out there that help our seniors find a new home to live comfortably throughout the 4th quarter of their lives…BUT…there is a very important step that has been missing or under-considered by senior moving services Dallas providers and Care Facility Liaisons. How do they afford to pay for the new housing if most of their net worth is tied up in their home equity? Who will provide all-in-one senior moving services Fort Worth that they need to assist them and their families with all phases like senior downsizing services Dallas and senior moving company Dallas?

In our case, our parents had been living in their California home for decades and accumulated years of personal items and treasures. Although divorced for over 45 years, they remain friends to this day. They wanted to move out to Dallas, Texas to be closer to family in the 4th quarter of their lives. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but the family was ready to help in any way possible, but their homes were full of “stuff”. The idea of sorting through decades of personal belongings, “collections” and “treasures”, then deciding what goes with them and what would be left behind, was extremely emotional and overwhelming for all involved.

At the beginning of the senior downsizing services Greenville process, we were thinking where are we even going to start? The process included long back-and-forth flights, family members and friends were tag-teaming to help them organize, downsize, sort, sell, donate, haul, repair, deep clean, list and sell their homes. Moreover, our senior transition services Dallas are available in different cities like Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, McKinney, Greenville, Rockwall, and Farmersville. It took over a year and a lot of money and resources, but we finally got them to the point that they could comfortably walk away from their homes, cash out on their hard-earned home equity and afford to move into an independent living facility located in Plano and in with family, Laurie and me, in Farmersville Texas.

Throughout this experience, it was clear that there were no reputable senior downsizing services Fort Worth companies that could handle everything in this huge process for us. Sure, a senior real estate specialist can sell houses, but not until it’s cleared out and prepared for sale. Various service providers will individually handle the other Senior Downsizing Services Mckinney that are needed, but you have to call each one individually, collect and compare estimates, schedule the senior moving services Fort Worth, and hope that they show up and do a good job. This is extremely difficult and stressful for the senior homeowner and family members who have limited time to focus on projects like this.

Okay, so I’ve painted a picture that many of you can be related to, so what’s the point, Chris? Well, Laurie and I were deeply inspired by our family’s extreme senior transition services Fort Worth experiences and wanted to create something special and meaningful for our senior communities and their adult children. We made mistakes and we learned how to keep others from making the same mistakes by getting senior downsizing services Rockwall. We developed and launched combined end-to-end senior downsizing services Dallas and senior real estate specialist concierge as a precursor to, or in conjunction with, Dallas Senior moving services by the professional senior moving company Dallas and assisted and independent living facilities.

I am a licensed National Association of REALTORS® SRES® and MRP® certified REALTOR® with eXp Realty, so that part of the process is professionally covered. Regarding the senior transition services Dallas process, our highly enthusiastic and trained operations team has taken senior downsizing services Dallas and realty service operations to the next level with professionalism, attention to detail, patience, and empathy.

We developed 4TH Quarter transition services and senior real estate specialist services with the unique ability to coordinate ALL of the potential services that a senior homeowner will need senior when moving to a new, safer home. With an a la carte menu of service options, our clients choose all or a few senior transition services Fort Worth like Dallas senior moving services to complete their organizing, moving, and home sale process. As a bonus, we don’t get paid for any of our senior transition services until the client get paid at sale closing, and even then, it’s only a small portion of their home’s equity. Our clients go on to use that money to finance their moves and to support the 4th quarter of their financial lives.

Senior transition services plans start with a call and free, no-pressure consultation. We will take as long as necessary to talk with you and your involved family members about your specific goals and challenges. You can get our senior transition services in different cities in the US like Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, McKinney, Greenville, Rockwall, and Farmersville. We will provide you with a fair and transparent assessment, then discuss the details and determine your best options going forward to reach those goals. We will earn and maintain your trust throughout the entire process of Senior Moving Services Dallas.